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Life Lately // Words & Photos

Kitties, flowers and empty inboxes. These are a few of my favorite things ❤️

Good morning! It's cold.

Staring contest & my comforter from when I was 12. #interiordesignchallenged #orjustcheap

Good morning!! What's for breakfast?


The view from our hike today! #tehachapi

Ralph is a creep.
My latest obsession: veggie BLT's #vegetarian #food #healthyShe doesn't understand.

So much has been going on the last few weeks. Mostly Belle, my foster puppy. If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably already tired of her sweet face. Just kidding, not possible! I wanted to get more involved with the rescue beyond just working two days a week so I am now fostering this amazing puppy. She is the cutest, fluffiest little ball of fun ever. Except for the accidents in the house and the sleepless nights while I try to crate train her. But I can honestly say I love this little fluffer to death and I hope she finds an amazing home before I decide I can’t part with her.

While Belle has taken up a majority of my time lately, I’ve also been spending the last few days with family because my sister and her husband are visiting from Tennessee! I’m sure I say it all the time, but my sister is truly my bestie, even though we can go weeks without really talking. I have so much fun when she’s around because she is exactly like me in so many ways.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Pismo Beach with my family, one of our go-to vacation spots. We’ll be there for a couple of nights and then we’ll all split off. My parents back to LA, my sister and her husband to visit her father in law and Blaine and I will head back home. I’m excited to go and I think it’s funny that we end up in Pismo during the off-season more than we do during the summer. It’s always cold, but we love it there so much. I would move there in a heartbeat. You know, if it wasn’t a typical California beach town with outrageous cost of living.

As far as work goes, I’ve been finishing up some projects and starting some new projects as well. I cannot say enough how much I love my job and how thankful I am to have amazing clients, no matter how tough the job can get sometimes. I’m also still working at Marley’s Mutts and am trying to remember to work from home at least half an hour daily to keep on top of emails and phone calls. I always get super stressed when returning calls from a week before, but sometimes it’s just not possible to get back to everyone quickly enough! Splitting my time between two things I’m passionate about (design and dog rescue) is tough, but I’m making it work and I feel so lucky to be able to be doing both.

While life has been busy lately (always, right?), I’ve also been taking time to kind of clear more clutter and work on being better at keeping up around the house. I’m still struggling to find a balance between work, keeping a tidy home, relaxing, spending time with Blaine and more. Sometimes I secretly wish for a “real job” so I work at work and I’m home at home, but that’s just crazy talk because I love my job(s). Me? I work randomly throughout the day and never leave work. I get design related emails all day and text/emails all day for the rescue too. I’ve stopped myself from checking emails before bed because I go to bed stressed and can’t do anything about it until morning anyway. I’m working on it!

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  1. I love how fluffy she is! She reminds me of my bosses old dog, he was part shephard/chow. They’d shave him in the summer months to keep cool and we’d have FedEx/UPS drivers refuse to get out of their trucks because of “the lion” in the driveway lol. She looks just like him!”Sometimes I secretly wish for a “real job” so I work at work and I’m home at home,”

    I have a “real job” and work/life balance is still my biggest struggle! I don’t know how people do it to be honest.

    1. That’s too funny (the lion thing!). She’ll probably need to be shaved in the summer too unless she’s indoors all day because she’s SO furry! And yeah, the grass is always greener on the other side, right? I bet if I had a “regular” job I’d be saying “I wish I could work from home so I could schedule my day how I want and get things done easier”. That’s life, I guess!

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