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Happy Monday!

ralphbelleHappy Monday! I just wanted to check in, recap the weekend and talk a bit about my plans for the next week. For some reason I’m feeling completely exhausted today. Over the weekend I worked on shipping out some boxes of stuff I’m selling and that took most of Saturday. Then on Sunday I made the 100+ mile drive down the Los Angeles for dinner with my family because my sister, Lawren, and her husband had a flight back home on Sunday night. We feasted at Buca di Beppo over at City Walk and then shopped at bit at the Burbank mall.

Today I’m busy planning out my week and had a cleaning tantrum this morning. I call it a tantrum because I was annoyed with all the stuff lying around my workspace in the livingroom so I just started posting stuff for sale, putting stuff in donation boxes and tossing everything else. I spent some time organizing my packing supplies so it was in a few neatly placed boxes instead of scattered throughout the room.

My plans for the week include lots of blogging thanks to the editorial calendar I put together for all three of my blogs. Two posts a day, five days a week, split between three blogs. It’s going to be tough, but having everything already planned out makes it so much easier for me to make sure my posts are getting up. Don’t get me wrong, I love slow blogging too, but I just needed some structure to get back on track. Other than blogging my life is the same old thing: design work, decluttering and working at the rescue. It’s insane that I still have enough stuff to declutter, but I really do despite my talks about simplifying. It’s so easy to bring stuff in and you have to be intentional about getting stuff out.

One big event this week is Belle is getting spayed tomorrow and then will be going home with her new family a day or two after. I’m already sad thinking about her leaving us, but I met up with her adoptive family and they are wonderful people who I know will give her an amazing life!

So that’s my weekend and upcoming week! How was your weekend and what’s on your agenda this week? I’ve been hearing stories about crazy storms all across the country, but the weather has been pretty mild here. Is the weather nuts where you are?

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