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My First Foster Pup // Belle

Belle, Foster Pup Belle, Foster Pup Belle, Foster Pup Belle, Foster Pup Belle, Foster Pup Belle, Foster Pup Belle, Foster Pup Belle, Foster PupAs I’ve mentioned in the past I volunteer with (and now work for, part time) a local dog rescue. If you ask anyone that even remotely knows me, they will tell you that I am a huge dog lover and dog rescue is something I’m truly passionate about. Shortly after Roxy passed I signed up to be a puppy foster with Marley’s Mutts. My heart was (and still is) very much on the mend, but I wanted to do what I could to get as many dogs as possible out of shelters and into homes. As much as I would love to take in every dog and give them a nice home, I realize that the most impact can be made by being a temporary home to get dogs out of shelter situations until we can find them homes. So I signed up to foster puppies specifically because I knew we could make that work with our grumpy dogs.

Meet Belle. Quite possibly the most adorable puppy on the face of this earth and my very first foster. I fell hard for this one. Not just because she was adorable, but because she almost felt like Roxy reincarnated. Belle and Ralph (our Chihuahua mix) hit it off immediately. Thank goodness for Ralph. Our other two pups are pretty grumpy, so at least we have Ralph to hang with any new dogs that come into the house. When she came to us she was smaller than Ralph and when she left weeks later she had already outgrown him! Belle is going to be a big, fluffy girl when she grows up and I hope her new family will keep me updated on her as she grows up.

Over the course of the almost month that I had her I feel in love and almost kept her a hundred times. But I stayed strong knowing that there are many other dogs who will need me so I let her go and I’m glad I did because she now has an amazing home with the perfect family. Going through my photos the other day I stumbled across a few (ok, my whole phone is full of them.) of Belle and I instantly missed her. But I’m glad my little fluffernugget (or flufferneugin, or fluffin, as I called her) is a happy girl in her new home and will have a lovely life.

When she went to her new home I truly thought I would have a couple of weeks before we got called to foster another puppy. Two days later I came home with 8 three-week old puppies…

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  1. Awww she is all the cuteness! You are so strong to let her go, I would have been like mine all mine! The sleepy pic is the best one I think she looks so chill.What an amazing job you’re doing giving the puppies lots of love til they can be rehomed. I am sure Belle’s new family will shower her with love.x

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