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Spring Cleaning My Life


I’m a serial entrepreneur. An over-commiter and a wannabe overachiever. Or just scatterbrained with a love for business. The main thing is I like to (or just tend to) over commit. I can’t help it. I’m always thinking up new businesses, blogs, projects, hobbies, you name it.

You might think work at home life is leisurely getting up at 9, having some breakfast, working for a few hours and them retiring for the day when my husband gets home.

Care to know what my days are really like? Getting out of bed around 7 or 8am, immediately letting puppies out, letting big dogs out, feeding cats, deep cleaning the foster puppy pen (every. single. day.), feeding big dogs, then feeding all 8 of the foster puppies (one by one). Then an hour after I get up it’s time for me to eat. I’ll usually stream netflix while I have breakfast and plan my day, though half the time my day never ends up going how I planned it. Some days I leave for work at Marleys Mutts and do a half day there. Other days, or once I get home from work, I do design work, write posts for one of my three blogs, or work on amazon/eBay stuff. It’s easy to say “design work” or “write posts”, but it’s really: read emails, respond to emails, mock ups, revisions, emails back and forth, figuring out color schemes, tweaking designs, fixing code, brainstorm blog posts, find photos for blog posts, edit photos, write posts, do research, find inspriation, etc.

At around noon Blaine comes home and we’ll usually eat together. Though as of lately he has been coming home, making us both food and I’ll eat while I get work done. Mid-day it’s time to let all the pups out, big and small, and the do another 8 feedings. After that it’s back to work and before I know it Blaine is pulling into the driveway and I’m wondering if I actually got anything done all day or if I just shuffled around, back and forth, being completely inefficient.

When 6 or 7 (or 8, sometime 9) rolls around I start wondering what I should make for dinner. Unless I was really good and meal planned for the week. That’s a total life saver for me because at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is try to think of what to make for dinner. Some days Blaine will ask if he can cook if I look busy, but most days I do it because I like it. And I don’t want breakfast for dinner (love you, B!).

Then we eat and I’ll either join him for some tv time or get back to work until I can’t work anymore. Some nights I used to go to bed at 8 or 9pm because I was just exhausted from the day. But because the puppies have to eat three times a day I have to make it to 10 or 11pm so I can feed them and fall into bed.

My days are long, completely all over the place and sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Every once in a while it’s time for re-evaluation. Everything I’m involved in now is important to me. This blog, my money saving blog, my entrepreneur blog, fostering puppies, working at AND volunteering at Marley’s mutts, selling on eBay, selling on amazon. Plus normal things like, you know, living. Keeping the house (relatively) clean, spending time with my husband, my friends and my pets. All the things you do when you get home from a normal job, except I never “get home from a normal job”. And now that it’s getting warmer? Gardening.

To say I’ve overcommitted is an understatement and I need to knock a thing or two off the list at minimum. We have some big plans for next year that I need to keep in mind (and will share in a few months if all looks good) when making decisions. I hate cutting things that I am passionate about but I need to simplify, not just my physical clutter, but my mental clutter as well. So cue the pro/con lists, the planning and the scheduling. I’m ready to spring clean my life.

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