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Sugar Strike 2014 // Checking In

sugar-strike-challenge-2014Sugar, why must you be so delicious and addictive? I’ve survived three of the five weeks I’ve committed to my sugar strike. I haven’t been good lately, but overall I’ve been feeling better.

Week One: It sucked. It sucked more than I remember because I craved sugar after every meal and couldn’t have it and got frustrated. I didn’t throw tantrums, but I wanted to.

Week Two: Much better. The second week of my sugar strike was a breeze and I hardly even craved it or thought about it at all. It was easy for me to turn down sugar when it was near me and when it wasn’t? It didn’t even cross my mind.

Week Three: The last week has been pretty much a fail. It started with a few chocolate covered almonds. Then dark chocolate covered pretzel crisps from Trader Joe’s. Then mini Milky Ways. Despite failing basically all week, I still didn’t eat as much as I was regularly eating because we just don’t have much in the house.

Now that week three is over with, I’m ready to jump back on the bandwagon. I think part of the reason I failed is lack of preparation. Most of the fruit in the house, which is what I turned to when I had a craving for sweets, was either eaten or going bad. I haven’t been grocery shopping in almost 2 weeks now because I’ve been attempting to finish up what we’ve had around the house.

Notes & Observations:

  • Once I got past the first week it was easy peasy
  • Treats like chocolate covered almonds (semi-not-that-terrible) don’t make me crave more as much as other treats
  • Be prepared. Have alternatives ready (fruit and gum, mostly)
  • Soda sucks. I didn’t drink it much (or at all?) the first two weeks, but I think once I started having a few sips of Blaine’s is when I started having a little sugar here and there.

I plan on jumping back on the challenge and finishing it out to the end of the month. I definitely felt my best during week two, so I’m hoping to get there again.

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