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Eat Simple, Eat Whole


Bananas galore for banana ice cream!! I feel an obsession coming on.


My favorite warm weather sandwich! My “California” sandwich. I’ve posted about it here and have tweaked it a bit since then. I no longer toast it and now I slice everything instead of dicing it, keeps everything from falling out.


I attempted to make whole wheat ritz-type crackers. I failed. Blaine hated them.


Loaded sweet potato. I was extremely full after this, but it was SO good. Definitely having it more often.


We tried “Nature’s Burger” mix for the first time and added some zuchinni, carrot and nutritional yeast. It was pretty yummy and I’m going to have fun finding different add in’s. Plus, way cheaper and (probably) better for you than the frozen kind.


Quinoa fried rice? YES PLEASE. Blaine was craving fried rice so, of course, I did my best to make it healthier.


Blaine’s mom gave us a GIANT watermelon. Literally so big I didn’t have enough tupperware and had to leave half out of the fridge. It started to go bad and so I threw it outside for the chickens to enjoy. They definitely loved it!

I’m excited to share all the yummy, healthy things we’ve been eating regularly without bogging down the blog with constant recipes or single posts about one meal. It’ll be great for me to look back on for healthy meal inspiration and I hope I can inspire others too! My goal is to eat simple and eat whole foods, I do my best, but allow moderation of “regular” food as well. I’ve had a lot of motivation to spend time in the kitchen lately and I’m not complaining!

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