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hello, april.

hello-aprilApril is here and going along with the pattern that’s happened since we’ve moved here it’s been freezing and snowing after a long stretch of almost spring-like weather. The weather around here likes to tease us in March and catch us off guard while we’re pulling out our shorts and flip flops. I’m glad I didn’t jump ahead of myself and plant any vegetables yet because I don’t need the cold to help me kill them. I can do that all on my own, thankyouverymuch.

Along with spring comes the overwhelming need to spring clean. I have a pile of clothes sitting on the floor, nicely folded, under my nightstand waiting for me to take pictures and sell. I have several boxes full of yard sale items and the number of boxes is forever growing. How many yard sales will I have before I run out of stuff to sell? I swear we’ve done at least one each year for the last couple of years.

What I’m not excited about? Taxes. I know it’s inevitable and I need to get them done. Usually ours are done by the end of February, but I’ve just been all over the place these last few weeks and haven’t been able to get myself to just sit down and do them. I know last year I angrily did them one weekend because Blaine was getting frustrated with me. I remember sitting at the computer for over six hours organizing receipts and getting it all done in one sitting. Every year around tax time I wish I had a “normal” job because that makes taxes so much easier. Now, enough about taxes before I have an anxiety attack.

On the agenda for April is: spring cleaning, working more with the rescue, streamlining and simplifying the design site and packages, sticking to my blogging schedule for my two blogs and getting my garden growing. And possibly giving in to my itch to redesign my blog with bright, spring colors.


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