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7 Ways to Be Present // Here & Now

be-present-here-nowIt’s almost trendy to talk about putting down our phones and being present, intentional, with our time, isn’t it? But with all of the screens we look at, the thousands of messages and words scrolling across those screens and notifications buzzing and pinging, all the things on our to do lists that need to be done right-now,  it’s hard to just be in the moment. I can’t even count how many times I feel excited about a moment and feel like I need to get my phone out and take a picture, whether it’s for safe keeping or to post on instagram or facebook.

But lately I’ve been taking moments here and there to just disconnect and just be. Isn’t it so silly that we have to make an effort to be present in our lives? It’s a harsh reality that all this technology, which I am not even close to bashing, has caused. I’m obsessed with decluttering physical things, but I’m starting to work on simplifying my mind, too. Below are some of my favorite ways to be stop and be present.

Tell your phone to shut it

I’m sure there are a thousand articles telling you to turn your phone off, or turn it on silent. Several months ago I turned off automatic mail fetching so my phone only gets mail when I open the app. I probably look at my phone half as much as I did when it was dinging up a storm all day. Delete apps, turn it on silent, whatever you can do to stop yourself from constantly checking it.

Go for a drive

Nothing clears my head and gets me thinking like going for a drive. If you live in a busy city it’s probably a bit harder to find an open road to just drive, but if you can just get in the car and drive around for a little bit it’s a great way to just be present.

Memories trump pictures

I struggle with this one like crazy. Every time something relatively exciting happens I need to take a picture. But it’s not true. Every cute look my dog gives me. Every time I am enjoying a perfect sunset with my husband. You don’t need a picture because you have memories and stopping to take 27 pictures to get the perfect shot? You’re ruining the memory.

Learn to just be

Just sit. In silence. No TV. No radio. Learn to just take a few minutes each day to just be by yourself, nothing else going on but life. Just you and here and now.

Go for a walk

Don’t set your map my run. Turn your phone on silent. It’s only there in case of an emergency. I do my best reflecting and just “being” on walks and in the shower which brings me to…

Enjoy your shower

My best ideas come to me in the shower because there are no distractions. But sometimes it’s nice to just close your eyes, let the water run over you and embrace the moment.

Close your eyes & breathe

Sometimes simply just closing your eyes removes all distractions and allows you to feel the moment. Take a moment to feel every part of your body, every breath.

2 Comments on “7 Ways to Be Present // Here & Now

  1. I love this! So much of life has been like this for me lately. Too much go and technology, not enough company and quality memory enjoyment. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I have such a hard time with this. It is so easy to get caught up in social media/technology and forget to pause and look up every once in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

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