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Always Decluttering


If you’ve been around this blog or following me on social media for a while you know I am always decluttering. It’s borderline addiction. I’m sure my family thinks I’m broke and can’t afford groceries because otherwise why am I constantly selling stuff on our local facebook classifieds group and having yard sales? But take a moment to think about it. We are constantly bringing new items in. The mail, the groceries, the nail polish from target, the top your mom/bff gave you, that random cute thing you bought from that one place but you’re not sure what you want to do with it yet (don’t pretend you don’t do it)… it’s hard to stop the inflow of items coming into the home.

The solution is to continuously re-evaluate, sell, donate and toss. It’s a never ending cycle unless I can get to a point where I’m never bringing anything new in which is almost impossible. My mom and mother in law think I’m crazy because I’m adamant about not needing more kitchen appliances. In fact, I’d like to get rid of half of them and no I don’t need a keurig.

I have “yard sale/donate” boxes throughout the house so it’s easy for me to toss something I don’t really need. In fact they’re all overflowing so it’s time to switch them out with empty boxes.

There are entire sections of stores dedicated to storing and organization. Hell, there are entire stores dedicated to it. But I don’t want to store things if I don’t need them regularly. Having less means storing less, managing less and stressing less. Remember: re-evaluate, sell, donate and toss. Stuff doesn’t define you, it holds you back.

2 Comments on “Always Decluttering

  1. I can’t stand clutter, so I am constantly going through my things and giving stuff away. Life feels so much better without too much stuff weighing me down!

    1. I agree! With how much I preach simplicity, it probably doesn’t look like it in my house. BUT I’ve come a LONG way and it’s definitely a process.

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