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Little Sprouts

gardenJust under a month ago I planted my little seeds and they are growing so well. I’ve planted zucchini, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, bell peppers, peas and more. They’re quickly outgrowing their little seed pots so I’m hoping to run to Home Depot tonight when Blaine gets off work to load my car up with soil to fill the new raised beds Blaine built me while I was in Vegas. And to add to the old raised bed that I didn’t fill with the best soil for growing. I’m hoping it’s not too late, is that possible? I feel like that’s what I always do, leave them in their tiny pots until they die or grow awkwardly due to the lack of space. I obviously know nothing about gardening! Trial and error at it’s best. I’m hoping to have at least a couple successful plants this year. That would be a nice step up from my one tomato plant that survived my lack of gardening skills last year. Bring on the fresh produce straight from our little backyard farm!

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