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New Studio & Office Space





Welcome to real life, people. Life behind the “my house is always tidy” blogging facade!

I guess you could say my new office/studio space is a work in progress. But it’s HUGE, isn’t it? It’s our converted two car garage that we were previously using as a family room. My guess is it’s about 500 sq feet, which is almost the size of our first apartment. And it’s all mine! I decided my upstairs office was (way, WAY) too small and excruciatingly hot in the summer, so I moved into this lovely, and large, space. I’ve already been dreaming up the different things I can do in this space. I want it to be pretty clean and minimalistic, but also inspiring. My budget is non-existent, but I’m excited about the challenge and ready to DIY up a storm over the next few months! It’s going to be serving as my office, studio, whatever you want to call it. Basically anything business related. Right now I do design work here. I ship ebay and amazon items here. I store a billion boxes here. Basically, I have way too much stuff in here and no good way to organize it at this point.

It’s definitely a disaster right now, but to be honest, after tidying up and sorting over the last few days it’s looking better than it has looked since I “moved in”. I’ve been in this space for probably about a month now, but I’m just now taking the time to go through everything. There is so much to go through. Papers, boxes, bags, desk drawers, it’s endless. But I can see the light at the end of the decluttering tunnel. Stay tuned for lots of fun DIYs and progress updates.

P.S. Did you notice that there’s a pup in all the photos but one?

2 Comments on “New Studio & Office Space

  1. Ah! There’s so much space!I’m not even ashamed to admit a little bit of jealousy. Decorating your new space is going to be so much fun. Enjoy!

    1. It’s a HUGE space! I’m pretty excited about it, but finding a way to decorate such a large space is always tough for me. However, it’ll definitely be fun!

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