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Right Now

ventura-harborFeeling a little overwhelmed with everything on my plate right now. But also feeling lucky to have plenty of stuff to do that is important to me.

Thinking about having a yard sale this weekend. The random yard sale boxes scattered around the house are starting to overflow so I think it’s time to unload some of it and make a little extra cash.

Excited to officially be a part time salaried employee for Marley’s Mutts! I always told myself I’d be self employed forever, but I think this is one of the only jobs I’d ever take. I still have time for my own business(es), but also get to be a huge part of something important to me and get paid to do it.

Nervous about flying to Florida for work at the end of the month for the Humane Society Expo. I’m terrified of flying and the fact that I won’t even have family around me makes me twice as nervous. Anxiety levels rise quickly when I think about it. Deep breaths.

Drinking a lot of coffee this week while I plow throw to do lists. Every few weeks I’ll get extremely motivated and my productivity levels skyrocket when I combine motivation and coffee.

Planning a new little side business. I’ve been missing making things with my hands and am going back to something I thought about doing about five years ago. As if I’m not busy enough, right?

Loving my breakfast smoothies. Every single day. The last few days have been just strawberry, frozen banana, a splash of acai juice, chia seeds and bee pollen. When I have greens I always add those in too.

Missing little Mikey, our last foster pup who went to his new home on Sunday. He was such a good boy and such a love. No face biting like with Belle (who I adored despite that). Blaine even admitted that if we wanted another dog we’d adopt him in a second. But we agreed, 3 permanent dogs is more than enough, especially if we continue fostering.

Wishing the house would clean itself. Please? Ok fine, more realistic wish: that we can live by the beach one day. We just got back from a day trip to Ventura and I miss it already.


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