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Surprising the Moms

blaine-flowers-mom lola-aileen-momFor Mother’s Day this year we didn’t have any big plans to visit. With being out of town last weekend, going out of town next weekend and my week long work trip to Florida immediately after, I was already exhausted thinking about it. But around noon on Mother’s Day Blaine and I decided to make the 100+ mile drive down to surprise our moms for a few hours on Mother’s Day. Blaine’s siblings live all over the place and my sister lives in Tennessee, so both of our moms were going to go through their special day without seeing any of their kids and even though they’d never complain, we knew they more than deserved a visit.

So at around 2pm we drove down and stopped at my mother in law’s house first. She was surprised and happy to see us. We hung out there for about two hours just talking before heading to the Cheesecake Factory to meet my parents and my grandma. Everyone was happy we decided to visit and I’m glad we made the little trip. It was more than four hours of driving for less than four hours of visiting, but hey, our moms would do that and more for us! Thank you to our moms and grandmas for everything, I don’t know what we’d do without you!

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