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Agnes // A Special Foster Pup

agnes-bone-kitty agnes-face agnes-mila agnes-vet-2   10313496_10152071855202478_1116658346948241990_n IMG_4742The first time I met Agnes, I picked her up from the vet and she looked like a little mummy. Her story was that her family had left her behind when they moved out of state and she has just been kind of fending for herself. Agnes came to us after she had been hit by a car while living on the streets which left her with major wounds and asphalt burns all down her left side. She ended up at the vet where they took care of her and Marley’s Mutts ended up taking her in. She had surgery to clean up the skin around the wounds so that everything was clean, infection free and could heal properly.

For a couple of weeks Agnes was wrapped in bandages from her face to her waist. We were going into the vet every other day for bandage changes. You would think after everything, she would hate the vet, but the opposite is true! She loves going to visit her friends at the vet and they truly love seeing her.

Life at home with Agnes was awesome. She was the first foster that wasn’t a puppy that we brought home. I was a little nervous at first because, as I always say, my dogs are old and grumpy. But for the most part everyone got along. I even caught her sharing beds with Mila once or twice. Agnes was one of two things: on the move or in your lap on the couch. It was rare to see her sitting still unless you let her up on the couch. And even if you didn’t invite her up? Her tiny, but extremely dense and heavy, body would come barreling into your lap like a bowling ball.

It’s been about a month since sweet Agnes left our home and went to her new forever home. Someone mentioned to me once that puppies were easier to let go of and Agnes was proof of that, she was harder for me. I did what I usually do, started to distance myself days before the adoption. But watching the video below brings some tears because I miss that little snorty. The thing that always got to me the most was looking at her sweet face while we were hanging out on the couch at night, knowing that someone had purposely left her behind. Tossed her into the street like she was disposable. It breaks my heart thinking about it. However, she is in an amazing, amazing home, ironically in my home town, and as always, there’s always more dogs to be saved, right?

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