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Sunday funday dinner with friendsHow many of my first posts of the month am I going to start with “How is it already *insert month here*”? All of them. How it is already JUNE? Time was already speeding by, but my week long work trip to Florida and the week after were a total whirlwind and I’m just trying to pull myself out and get back into the swing of my life. I’ll be posting about Florida soon, but for now here’s what life is currently like…

Thinking about how summer is HERE and I am not prepared with all the plans I wanted to make for summer. Weekend camping and beach trips all summer long are the dream and I’m going to make it happen!

Thankful for all the great friends I’ve made since starting to work at Marley’s Mutts. The photo above is from our Sunday funday dinner. I don’t always get invited (most of them live 45+ minutes away), but we’ve decided that we’ll have at least one Sunday funday in Tehachapi each month. Last night’s was at the rescue and while the men built an above ground pool, the ladies talked and bugged the crap out of them. We ended the night with a BBQ, steaks for the carnivores and lots of veggies for the herbivores. Good times.

Wearing shorts every day. I have this problem that I can’t find shorts that are the proper length for my age and body type. I have one pair that I found at a yard sale and that’s the only pair I can wear comfortably. Everything else is unflatteringly short or the mom jeans of shorts. Can I just find a 3″ inseam once in a while? I’m thinking I might just have to make my own if I can’t find any soon.

Working nonstop on rescue stuff and finally getting to the point where I’m managing my time to work on design stuff too. Realizing that the world will not collapse if I don’t do something omgrightnow is helping tremendously.

Eating pretty healthy lately! Green smoothies every damn day like clockwork. Sometimes twice a day. I’m loving veggies right now too. I’ve just been in a really good place with eating right for the last two weeks. Today was the first day I kind of fell off that because I wanted to basically eat everything in the house, but despite eating more than my fair share of food, most of it was relatively healthy.

Loving my desk set up downstairs. Usually by now I’d be roasting all day in an office upstairs. Moving everything downstairs where it’s at least 10 degrees cooler was the best decision ever.

Taking a step back from a lot of things lately. I just need to realize I can’t do it all and although I talked about decluttering my life, I’m crossing even more things off my list lately and am feeling so much relief from it.

Happy that my sister is home, although it means her husband is deployed for a year. It’s nice having my sister/bestie (sistie? bester?) around, though. Her poor husband is far away and my poor husband has to deal with our sisterly shenanigans for the next year.

Trying to do my hair and get dressed daily. It’s working. But now I’m paranoid that heat styling my hair every other day is going to kill my hair. I normally only use heat on my hair maybe a dozen times a year. I need to look into maybe just putting rollers in my hair overnight or something because the last thing I want is fried hair. First world problems, right?

Missing my little Agnes! My last foster, Agnes, got adopted on Saturday and I miss her silliness. Her new name is Ava and she moved to my hometown, Simi Valley, with her new family. Happy for her despite the sadness of her being gone.

Wanting some dessert real bad, but can’t figure out what I’m craving. And since we don’t have dessert in the house (unless you count sugary cereal my husband insists on buying) I guess I’ll have to deal with it! Or go drive through to get the local fast food equivalent of a butterfinger mcflurry.

Happy to be back on the blog after a little break! So many posts in my brain that I need to get written. Take a moment to plan something fun and silly to do this month! Happy June!

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