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a few of my favorite things // july


The blogging world, or life in general, is full of wish lists, photos and visual collections of things we’d love to have. In my effort to simplify, get back to the basics and love what I have, I’m going to regularly be sharing a few of my favorite things (and maybe some non-things). As in, things that I love that are already part of my life, rather than things that I’m lusting after.

My Vegetable Garden Look at that vibrant, healthy zucchini plant! That’s the first plant, out of at least a dozen, that I’ve attempted to start from a seed that has gotten this far. I generally either forget about them or give up when they refuse to grow. Funny thing is this (not so little anymore) guy seemed to stop growing, but my husband kept watering him when I was ready to give up and look at it now! We also have a tomato, a red bell pepper and a yellow bell pepper plant, but those were purchased from home depot to ensure I’d have something to harvest if my seedlings failed.

Bralettes I hope I don’t offend anyone for throwing a picture of them on here, but these are kind of like my anti-bras or my girly sports bras. I’ve been looking for some cheap, lacey bralettes for months because I didn’t want to shell out a lot of money for such a simple piece. I ended up ordering three of these from Amazon and I am in love with them. I have been living in bralettes for the past month now and probably need to purchase a few more. They are just so comfortable and the lacey aspect still makes me feel a little feminine. I’m over push up bras and underwire, for the most part, and am all about comfort with a hint of pretty.

Not Quite Green Smoothies Technically these are “green” smoothies in the sense that I always put greens (mostly spinach) in them, but thanks to the color that berries add they almost never end up green. My day almost always starts with a green smoothie and when I skip a few days I truly feel it in sluggishness and just overall not feeling as healthy and light. I start with a base of spinach, almond milk, a banana and a scoop of brown rice protein powder. From there I add whatever I feel like from watermelon to frozen mango to blueberries.

S’Mores On the totally opposite side of the healthy food spectrum from green smoothes: s’mores! Oh man. We just bought some supplies for this, including giant marshmallows, and it’s going to be hard not to have one every single day. And if I do? I will savor each bite. Who invented s’mores and where I can I shake their hand and/or scold them for creating such a sinful treat?

What are a few of your favorite things? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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2 Comments on “a few of my favorite things // july

  1. That zucchini looks awesome! One of these days I might be ambitious enough to take up gardening (: I am addicted to bralettes as well- I spend way more than I should at Aerie, comfiest things ever. Love your blog, I’m excited to start following along!

  2. OMG, thanks for posting these bralettes! I’ve always wanted to buy some and was going to spend a lot more $$$ than that, never thought about looking for these on Amazon!Off to buy a few now…

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