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Start a Happy List

start-a-happy-listWhile everyone has off days, most of us are truly and completely in control of our happiness. If I’m having one of those days it’s up to me to decide to not let it take over my thoughts. Sometimes when you’re in that moment and all you want to do is cry or sock someone (I have never actually socked anyone!) it can be really tough to get out of that mood.

One way to pull yourself out of a crappy day or mood is to have a “Happy List” ready to perk you up. A happy list can include anything that might cheer you up: a joke, a picture, a funny memory, something you know you can go do that will turn that frown upside down. Yep, I used that cheesy saying, it makes me happy! I’m starting my very own happy list so that I can find this post whenever I’m moody or ready to nap for the rest of the day.

  1. Remember: you’re in complete control of your happiness
  2. Go get a manicure and/or pedicure
  3. Wedding & honeymoon photos
  4. Go visit your veggie garden (if it’s warm weather)
  5. Sit on the floor and cuddle with the pups
  6. Put on a pretty dress and meet Blaine for lunch
  7. Go for a walk by yourself
  8. Drop everything and go see a movie
  9. These might make you smile: one, two, three, four, five
  10. Make a list of things you are truly grateful for
  11. Blast music that reminds you of the past (fall out boy? MJ? Paramore? 90’s crap?)
  12. Get out the yoga mat and stretch
  13. Hug a kitty
  14. Go get a drink and a treat from Starbucks
  15. Curl your hair
  16. Paint your nails
  17. Look at old photos
  18. Go to the library and check out a book
  19. Browse the Humor section on Printerest
  20. Reminisce about all the puppies you’ve fostered

I plan to add to my list regularly and look at it whenever I’m feeling a little down. What would you add to your Happy List?

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