Weekend Link Love

sproutedpotatoBasically that up there is what happens when you buy a sweet potato and forget about it for a few weeks. Oops? I can’t believe it’s the weekend already! This week has gone by fast and I feel like I got quite a bit done so I’m pretty happy with myself and am going to take the weekend to just kind of relax. As much as possible at least since I’m going to be pet sitting again! Hope you get a chance to either put your feet up or go on a fun adventure.

I consider myself a happy person, but this list of the essential ingredients to being a happy person was still a good reminder.

I love listening to podcasts while cleaning/tidying so here’s a list of some I’m excited to try. I already listen to The Lively Show and it’s one of my favorites!

Do you sleep naked? Apparently there some benefits.

Things that have made me laugh out loud recently: this,

Or if you’d rather get a little (ok, a lot) teary-eyed: a dogs last day on earth. Reminds me of when Roxy passed in January.

How to Set a Custom White Balance on your DSLR. I’m always fighting with my camera and I think this will help with my color/lighting issues.

As a vegetarian beans should really be more of a staple in my diet. I’m trying, but I am not so good at cooking them. Here’s how to cook dry beans.

I’m not really into oatmeal, but these photos make me want to give it a try with a little more creativity!

Steps to summer salad perfection. Get out of your salad rut! (I’m mostly yelling at myself here)

Remember my simple bread recipe? I don’t remember if I shared it, but Issa shared her results on Live Love Grow.

Have a happy weekend!

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