Weekend Link Love // No. 20

henryHow cute is that guy up there? That’s Henry. I’m currently house and pet sitting for a few days which is a nice way to get away from home. Luckily, though it’s in a rural area and the cell signal isn’t great, they have internet so I can continue to work. I might even go as far as to say that when I do sit down to work, I work better because I don’t have the distractions I usually have at home. One of the few downsides to working from home!

Luckily, I was allowed to bring my sister along to keep me company so we’ve basically been sitting around binge watching Law and Order in between getting work done (just me) and playing with the pups and kitties. Our big plan for the day is grocery shopping. It’s a thrilling life I lead!

26 wordpress sidebar widgets for you wordpress bloggers. Excited to try a few of these that  I haven’t seen before.

Top 10 things our generation will be the last to see. I had never thought about this before! So weird to think about.

I never went to summer camp as a kid so maybe I’ll go to an adult summer camp? Genius!

Prepare to laugh: 25 photos taken from exactly the right angle.

I miss the old internet, too! Confession: I had a Hanson newsletter back in the AOL days. Yeeep.

I recently started buying in bulk and I love it! Here are some of the benefits.

Be a farmer, not a hunter. This is not about food and applies to so many aspects of life!

Does email turn you into an asshole? Me? Probably.

Six things to do everyday to be productive.

How a password can change your life. This is actually a really cool idea.

Is it hot where you are? A million (almost) homemade popsicle recipes!

I’m not usually a big fan of lemonade but this blueberry mint lemonade sounds ridiculously yummy.

Many career creatives suffer from self doubt once in a while. Remind yourself of these three things.

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