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Weekly Wishes // No. 1

The Nectar Collective
I’ve shared weekly goals in the past with no rhyme or reason, but haven’t been consistent with checking back in with my results. I’ve been following The Nectar Collective for a few months now and am loving her Weekly Wishes posts each week. My biggest challenge will be to not turn it into a fifty item long to do list. The goal is to just have a few things that I really want to get done and then hold myself accountable each week. Here goes!
  1. Get my new design pages up. After going back and forth about having my design site separate from my blog, I’ve decided to bring it back for several reasons. I’m simplifying everything and throwing my design info back on aileenbarker.com rather than having it all on a separate design site.
  2. Finish 2013 taxes (!!!) I’ve been working on this off and on, but ultimately haven’t finished them because having two businesses last year made it hard to figure out and then I got stuck on a certain form from my husband trust fund (not as exciting as it sounds, promise). The goal is to gather all the info needed and take it all to a tax pro who will ensure it gets done correctly.
  3. Finish my editorial calendar for July. Every few weeks I’ll get a bunch of post ideas scheduled and written and then I’ll let it slip away from me. I want to be planning several weeks ahead from now on and that starts with finishing up July’s editorial calendar.
  4. Spend three hours learning. I want to continue to learn about web design and branch into development in the future so I want to dedicate some time this week to my online courses.

Let’s get to work!

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