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I deactivated my facebook account

When someone deactivates their facebook it always sounds so dramatic. Like is it that big of a deal for you to have to deactivate? Just don’t go on it. It’s been a whole thirty minutes since I deactivated my facebook account and my mind already went to updating my status to “I miss Paul Walker” (while watching Fast & Furious 6) because I felt the need to say it to someone. So I texted my husband instead. And I already sat down at the computer and, after checking my email, tried to go to facebook out of habit without even realizing it until it asked me to log in.Why did I deactivate facebook?

  • It was a place where I was so tempted to vent when I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed or negative
  • It was a source of bitterness when I saw something that made me feel left out or forgotten
  • It was a useless distraction that takes up a lot (hours, usually) of my day

I definitely think that there are great uses for facebook. Staying in touch with family that’s far away is the main thing I can think of and who knows, I might jump back in for that. But as of right now, my life is so dominated by the online world and the last 39 minutes without facebook my mind has already wandered there a handful of times out of habit, before remembering that was no longer an option.

I feel like this post makes me sound insane. It’s really not as crazy as it sounds, it’s like throwing out the ice cream because you have no self control. Ok that sounds dramatic too! Basically, it’s just a bad habit and one that, lately at least, hasn’t been improving my life in any significant way. In fact, it’s been bringing some negative feelings in as well as been the place I want to go to express negative feelings and I would rather channel somewhere else.

My goal is to be able to spend less time on social media, not be so connected and to live my life without thinking “hey! I should post that to facebook.”

After reading about others who have quit facebook, I’m feeling excited about it.

P.S. A post without a photo kills me. My options are a generic facebook photo or a totally unrelated photo. So I choose none. Such a rebel.

2 Comments on “I deactivated my facebook account

  1. I have been considering deactivating my account for a little while. It is a HUGE time suck! And it doesn’t tend to create any positive feelings in me. I might try going without it for a week just to get a start and reevaluate my habits.

    1. It IS a huge time suck! I definitely recommend deactivating for a while and seeing how it goes. I still instinctively type in and then realize when I’m not logged in that’s not an option and it baffles me how automatic it is for me to go there at least a dozen times a day. I’m feeling much better without it so far!

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