Weekend Link Love // No. 22

marshmallowsThe past week has flown by! The beginning of the week was spent pet sitting, I came home for a few days and now I’m ending the week pet sitting for the same four wonderful pups. I’m thankful for them letting me use wi-fi to get work done and I am tremendously thankful for air conditioning! I feel like I’ve really stepped up lately in terms of being productive and getting things done. I somehow turned some corner and went from wanting to fight the need to work daily to being excited to just get everything done. I’m taking advantage and hoping it’s not a weird phase.

I don’t have a lot of links to share from this past week since I’ve actually been working more, web surfing (do people still say that) less and trying to stay offline when I’m not working, but I still wanted to share some of the gems I’ve found.

The Pomodoro Method is one of my favorite productivity boosters, but I never thought about using real life pomodoros!

Joy from Oh Joy talks about her journey in this speech at Alt.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is so oddly entertaining and intriguing. I’ve only watched a few, but plan on watching more here and there when I have a few minutes to spare.

One thing you need to prioritize as a business owner, but I think this applies to everyone in a way.

These photos of the worlds most remote tribes are beautiful.

A really long, but informative post on the perfect blog post.

Last, but not least some Etsy love. Brave & Kind, Te Amo, Stamped dog tags, Crochet Basket, LOTR Posters, VW Bus.

Happy Friday!

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