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Weekly Wishes // No. 4

The Nectar Collective

Happy Monday! I spent the weekend pet sitting and getting a lot of work done. There’s something about being in a different environment that gets me going. Hotels, other peoples homes, coffee shops, etc. are all places I tend to work really well in. Working from home is truly amazing, but also truly distracting. It also helps that I’m completely alone (apart from the dogs I’m watching) so I have no distractions in that sense either. Blaine and I get so lazy when we’re together. I think part of it is we feel like we need to spend time together so what do we end up doing? Watching TV. Shameful. I’m considering getting rid of cable at the end of this year if our contract is up. I can’t remember if we signed up for one or two years. But that’s enough rambling for this lovely Monday morning!

Every week I start off with weekly wishes, just a few things that I’m publicly accountable for that will make my week a success.


  1. Bring tax info to a pro. So. Much. Fail. I don’t know why it’s so hard to just get in my car and take the papers to the tax place. I will do this next week for sure.
  2. Create 3 new premades. Done and done. I actually created way more than three in my design and pretty printed paper shops.
  3. Editorial Calendar for August Done! I am so excited about having this done. Now all I need to do is write my posts. I feel so much better having it all planned out ahead of time.
  4. Get ready for the day 3 times. Yes! Here and here and Friday night when I went to a Marley’s Mutts event.


  1. Get my first tattoo! My sister and I have been planning on getting matching tattoos forever and I’ve always just avoided it because I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted and, honestly, I was too cheap. Yesterday was sister day so we were going to do it, but wanted to wait until we could get to a tattoo artist that was recommended to us.
  2. Finish a book. I went to the library last week and got several books that I’m hoping to read before they’re due. I think I was a little ambitious, but I do want to at least finish My Name is Memory. I’m loving it so far, by the way!
  3. Develop an email list. One thing I have been avoiding as a blogger and business owner is getting together an email list. What will I send them? Will people sign up? were common thoughts every time I considered it, but it’s definitely time.
  4. Get moving for 30 minutes every single day. This can be a walk, this can be yoga or pilates, or even just doing yard work. I really just feel so much better when I get out of my computer chair or off the couch (where my butt spends 95% of it’s time) and move!

What are your wishes for this week?

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