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5 Must Listen Podcasts

If you haven’t started listening to podcasts you’re missing out! Podcasts are basically little radio shows produced and submitted to itunes for download. I usually listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning, taking a walk or have to drive out of town. My favorite podcasts seem to be business/entrepreneur based with a little sprinkle of talking about life. I’ve learned so much from the podcasts I’ve listened to and I just seem to keep discovering more!

The Lively Show

Jess Lively is the host of The Lively Show and I have listened (and loving!) her podcast from the beginning. She has a whole range of guests on and they talk about everything from plant-based diets, fashion blogging, minimalism and more. I just love the way Jess conducts her interviews and she, along with all of her guests, are all so inspirational.

Entrepreneur on Fire

If you listen to a lot of podcasts and don’t want to run out, Entrepreneur on Fire with Jason Lee Dumas is a great podcast to start with. A fresh new podcast is available every single day! I can’t keep up, but I love knowing that there’s always a plethora of new podcasts to listen to when I want to go on a listening binge. John interviews all sorts of Entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and businesses, but they always have something to say that relates to all of us!

The Art of Simple

Though I’m not a mom and kids are a common topic on this podcast, I just love listening to The Art of Simple. It’s more of a conversational, lifestylsque podcast with is great to mix up the über business podcasts I like to listen to regularly. Tsh has a blog called The Art of Simple, which I believe used to be called Simple Mom, if I recall correctly. Her guests tend to be a variety of women, many of them authors or bloggers or business owners, but many of them also mothers and very down to earth.

The Happy Hour Effect

I recently discovered this podcast and I love it. I usually have to stop what I’m doing at least once while I’m listening (usually cleaning) and write something down because Kristen always has such good little tips and tidbits. She focuses on building personal and business brands, identifying ways to grow and creating a life/business that makes you happy. Her podcasts can be kind of short sometimes which I like because sometimes I just have 20 minutes to listen to a podcast. Definitely glad I started listening!

Joy the Baker

Joy of Joy the Baker and Tracy of Shutterbean are just the kind of girls you want to be bffs with. Their podcast is very conversational and easy to listen to. This podcast is more about their lives in general: blog life, photography, etc. but they also take listener questions and other interesting topics. I love listening to this when I don’t need to be focused and want something entertaining to listen to, but not something where I need to be taking notes.

There you have it, my top 5 podcasts! Podcasts are the greatest invention. What are your favorite podcasts?

2 Comments on “5 Must Listen Podcasts

  1. I just started listening to podcasts too and I love them for commutes! I actually haven’t listened to any of those so I will have to take a listen! I love This American Life, Freakonomics radio, and Elise Gets Crafty 🙂

    1. Oh thanks for the suggestions! I’m going to check those out as well. I really wish I had more time to listen to them, I have so many I want to keep up with. Thanks for stopping by, Laura!

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