Weekend Link Love // No. 25

from our trip to sedona in july. i'm itching for an adventure with blaine.The weekend is upon us and I feel pretty good about my week. We’ll be focusing on trying to clean up/out my parents garage this weekend which isn’t the most fun, but we spent some time doing it one night this week and found a lot of fun stuff. Old pictures, glow necklaces and lots of spiders. Hope your weekend is amazing!

Wow. This video shows that just changing the song on a video changes the whole mood.

Am I making this too difficult? Quick blog post on managing your time & tasks.

What I Instagrammed vs What is Really Happening. Everyone loves how pretty instagram is, but this post cracked me up.

Does selling make you feel like an asshole? Read this.

Tips for making your design convert better aka get your audience to do what you want them to.

NEED: Harry Potter Unforgivable Curses Underwear! Yes, I just posted underwear on my blog.

With our eventual move to Oregon looming over my head (more details soon!) I’ve been obsessed. Of course, I’ve been on the search for Oregon bloggers so I can live vicariously through them. OregonBloggers.com has been helpful and a few of my favorites so far are The Non-Consumer Advocate, Citizens of Beauty, Feed Your Skull, Local Haven and Poise Gets Cozy.



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