2015 Takeaways & Lessons

If there’s anything that I can thank 2015 for, besides my son, it’s all of the life lessons.
It can happen to you

All of those things that happen to “other people” can happen to you. I’ve realized that up until 2014 I’ve lived a pretty stable and charmed life.

Life is short

Such a cliche, but it is for a reason. I’m getting into the habit of not wasting a minute of it on anything that isn’t worth it.

Motherhood is so many things

Unpredictable, all-consuming, hard but at the same time easy. It’s so much different, but at the same time exactly what I expected. No one could have prepared me. It just has to happen.

Follow your instincts

I can’t help but think that if we had somehow convinced my dad to see a doctor earlier he might still be here with us.

Memories over materials

I’ve been moving in this direction for a long time, but it’s more clear now than ever before.


I’m excited to move into a fresh new year. This last one has been, for lack of better words, exhausting and numbing.

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