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How I use Evernote & Wunderlist to Organize My Life

My two main tools to keep myself digitally organized are Evernote and Wunderlist. Both are apps for desktops and phones so they sync with each other and are accessible from either. I hope to go more in depth on how I use each one, but for now I wanted to share an overview of how I use Evernote and Wunderlist to organize my life.


I use evernote to keep notes just like the name suggests. I have “notebooks” for several categories from my blogs to personal notebooks to business. A few examples are:

    • Post Ideas
    • Posted
    • Misc
    • Personal
      • Atlas
      • Misc
      • Cleaning / Organizing
      • Home Ideas

Evernote is a great place for me to jot down ideas, things I need to remember, etc. so that it’s all in one spot. Since my son has been in the hospital there are a lot of things I need to keep track of like names and numbers, people to call, insurance to follow up with, what we still need to purchase for when he comes home, etc. and I keep it all neatly organized in my little “Atlas” folder instead of random sheets of paper all over my purse and house. Evernote is great because I can access it from my phone when I’m on the go and need to look something up or add something that I know I’ll forget or I can type a whole blog post on my computer when I’m at home getting some work done.


This is a perfect tool for all things lists. You can create different folders to categorize your lists and then you can even add checklists to your list items. For example say you have a folder called “Home”. In that folder you can put “Paint Livingroom” as a checklist item. But then you can also click on that and within that you can add items like “test colors”, “buy paint”, etc. as well as add notes. Wunderlist makes it easy to keep track of lists and to-do’s with a simple list interface.

While I could probably keep lists in Evernote too, it’s not quite as simple and I can’t just check off an item and have it archive. And while I could take notes in Wunderlist, it wouldn’t be as detailed and easy to sift through later on. These two tools have kept my sanity over the last few months and I plan to continue using them for as long as they work.

What are your favorite ways to keep organized?

One comment on “How I use Evernote & Wunderlist to Organize My Life

  1. Thanks for the insight Aileen! I found you using Google (greetings from Germany).

    I’m getting starting with my goal- and time-management and just like you want to use both evernote and wunderlist.


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