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How To Customize MailChimp to Send Automated Sign Up Incentive Email to New Subscribers

Over the past year or so it’s been on my to do list to really focus on my email lists. Though I’m not as obsessed and gung-ho with them as many “experts” tell me I need to be, I still want to have a good list going and think it’s an important aspect of most online businesses. Because I don’t have large lists yet, I don’t feel the need to pay for MailChimp’s automated emails feature, but I do want to be able to incentivize my sign ups. This means I want to be able to offer an incentive for signing up such as a download of some sort.

Below I’ll walk you through the steps of editing the welcome email that is sent to your new subscribers to add a link, image or whatever else you may need so that as soon as someone signs up they’ll get their incentive with zero amount of work from you.

1 | Head to the “Lists” section in Mailchimp and select “Signup forms” from the corresponding list.


 2 | Once you’re in the “Signup forms” section click the “select” button next to “General forms”


 3 | From the drop down select the “Final “welcome” email” option to edit the final email your new subscriber will get after they have confirmed their subscription to your email list.


4 | Check the box next to “Send a final welcome email” to make sure that your new subscribers get the email you’re about to customize.


5 | Make any customizations you want to your final welcome email.


What I customized:

  • Email Subject to include that their weekly meal planner is in the email
  • Header to include the graphical header that matches the Miss Tightwad branding
  • Link to access the free weekly meal planner

Below you’ll see the before and after of the welcome email to compare.

Do you have an incentive for new sign ups for your email list? 


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