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Mama & Baby Favorites | Months 2 & 3

I’m excited to share our mama and baby favorites for months two and three. I’ll be combining these last two months so I can catch up. For me it was hard figuring out what we actually did and didn’t need so I came up with the idea of sharing our favorites each month for both mom and baby.

Aden & Anais Blankets

We are madly in love with these. And by we, I guess I mean me. I use this set of four blankets almost exclusively. They’re just so large and lightweight, I love them more than any other blanket we have and we have quite a collection.

Mothers Milk Tea

After the stress of the NICU and then my dad getting sick and passing away my milk supply dropped. At this point Atlas is being supplemented with 2-6oz of pumped milk from when he was in the hospital and I was pumping more than he needed. But our stash is getting low and I’m doing my best to up my supply. I’ve tried virtually everything and the only thing that has seemed to help a little bit is this tea. I buy it in bulk on Amazon. I make a huge pot with 4 teabags and drink it iced throughout the day.

Snap & Go Stroller

We got this as a gift from my lovely June mom group on Facebook. Since Atlas came so early we didn’t really have a chance to shop for the things we needed. We ended up getting a carseat and because they had all pitched in enough money they also gifted us this stroller. I love it because if Atlas is sleeping, I can just put his carseat right in it.


My son is the worst at pacifiers. Even when he wants them he can’t keep them in his mouth! Enter the wubbanub. While it still won’t stay in his mouth all the time, it definitely pops out less than it used to. And another amazing plus is that it makes his pacifiers easier to find. We have the longhorn bull and dog.

Osocozy Prefold Cloth Diapers (Bamboo, Infant Size) & Thirsties Covers

We love, love, love cloth diapering. We have no complaints. To us, it’s not much harder than disposables and we save so much money. Plus we feel so much better about not putting hundreds of diapers into landfills each month. We have about 24 of the Osocozy prefolds along with 7 Thirsties covers. We have a couple x-smalls which fit awesome and a couple of the size one which will fit him for longer. We also have some Rumparooz covers which are way cuter, but don’t fit as well.

Babyganics Diapers & Wipes

Wait, didn’t I just say how much I love cloth? I do! But also because we do prefolds with covers they are a little bulky on his back so we put Atlas in disposables at night and if we’re going to be out of town. For this we absolutely love the babyganics brand! We love their diapers and also, their wipes. Our plan is to move to cloth wipes soon, but we just haven’t had a chance to get started on that yet.

Wraps: Boba + Mei Tei

I love baby wearing! I didn’t do it much previously because it was too hot, but lately I’ve been loving it. It helps me keep my hands free to do things around the house (within reason) while my son can be with me and feel safe and cozy. My favorite right now and for when he was tiny is the boba wrap. My husband prefers the Mei Tai, but he’s still little small for it so I’m sure we’ll like it better in a few weeks. They are both great, and affordable, wraps!

Merlin Magic Suit

We actually got this as a hand me down from my cousin! She gave us several different swaddles and sleeping apparatuses. At first we would swaddle Atlas because this is what he was used to from the NICU. But we eventually noticed that he would get frustrated about his hands being pinned down and would try to bust out. He’s still a bit small for it, but we love our Merlin Magic Suit! It’s thick enough that it surpasses his startle reflex and keeps him feeling cozy and snuggled, but at the same time he can move so he doesn’t get frustrated.

Sit Me Up

It took me a while to jump on this while I saw my mommy friends getting this for their babies, but we love this! I plop Atlas in this for about 10-15 minutes at a time and he can happily sit up even tough he’s not quite able to sit up on his own yet.

Target Nursing Bra by Gilligan & O’Malley

This bra is hands down my favorite nursing bra. I have two and really need to get a few more because they’re getting pretty worn out. It’s wireless, but still feels structured and comfortable at the same time.

iPhone App: Cloud Baby Monitor

For some reason we never got a baby monitor. I think it was the mixed reviews on pretty much every video monitor we looked at. We did without one completely for several weeks because I was always in the same room with Atlas. But then I found my old iPhone 4s and started using it to play white noise. It eventually dawned on me that I might be able to use it as a monitor and I was right! We now have it plugged in and leaning against the side of his crib. I turn on the parent end on my iPhone or my computer and voila!

If you’re a parent, I’d love to hear what your favorites are for this age and beyond!

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