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October Goals + September Recap

Each month I like to share my goals. Last month I only shared blog and business goals due to my son taking up most of my time. But I think I’m ready to share some personal goals as well. I’ll still keep my goals light since having an infant takes up about 90% of my time, but I think goals are important and motivating!


  1. Consistent Posting. FAIL I have been posting, but I wouldn’t call it consistent as in every Mon/Wed/Fri like I had been hoping to. But I’m finding a balance and need to figure out what works for me and for the blog.
  2. Brainstorm & Come Up with 3 Digital Products PASS You know, I did start brainstorming for a millisecond and actually came up with a list of more than 10 vague ideas. I need to narrow them down and get to work!



  1. Editorial Calendar I want to finish up my editorial calendar for October and stick to it. I tend to shift things around, which is totally fine in my book, but I want to get to a point where I don’t skip posts all together because I didn’t have a chance to write them. Planning ahead is key here!
  2. Get Started on Digital Product I want to choose one of the digital products I brainstormed in September and get started on it. I want to at least have an outline and to start the content creation process. Once I know what I’ll be doing it’ll be easier to make more specific goals.
  3. Get Two Weeks Ahead on Both Blogs Between this blog and my frugality blog, I tend to feel a little overwhelmed with keeping up with posting as much as I want to. The goal is to sit down and knock out a bunch of posts this month so that I can be ahead. I’ve put this on my goal list before and have failed. Fingers crossed I can get it done this time.


  1. Purge 50 items I’m still feeling overwhelmed with stuff. Even more so now that I have less time to clean. So I want to get rid of 50 more items in October!
  2. Pack Away Baby Clothes Somehow my son is growing so fast that he’s already grown out of his preemie, newborn and almost out of his 0-3 month clothes. Right now the closet in our bedroom is chaotic and I want to pack away what doesn’t fit anymore to get it a bit more organized.
  3. Get a Pedicure My thoughtful husband got me a gift certificate for a nail salon for my birthday in February that I still haven’t used. I want to take some time to myself this month and finally put that gift certificate to use!

That’s it and I think those goals are pretty ambitious on top of everything else I constantly have on my list. I think one of these days I might need to re-evaluate what my priorities are and cut down on some things for a while. The holidays are coming and I want to make sure I’m intentional with my time so I can spend it with my loved ones.

What are your goals for this month?

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