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5 Reasons Why I Moved from WordPress to Squarespace

If you’ve been visiting my blog for a while you know how much I adore WordPress, I really do! But I recently made the move to Squarespace and I’m happy with my decision. In fact, I’m so confident I payed for a whole year up front. Today I’m going to share the reasons why I, personally, moved to Squarespace. I’m excited to share my experiences as well as tips, tricks, tutorials, etc. since Squarespace definitely seems to be much less popular than WordPress and Blogger. Some of my reasons kind of go hand in hand, but they are all separate and important to why I made the switch from WordPress to Squarespace.

Beautiful Themes

As a designer I am extremely picky about the aesthetics of my blog. Square space has some beautiful themes just ready to go with no tinkering needed. There are over two dozen templates to choose from and every single one is clean, gorgeous and ready for you to use.


Being a new mom who is attempting to be a work at home mom, simple is my best friend. Squarespace is just that. Simple. I don’t have to deal with a lot of coding or formatting or plug ins to get my website and blog the way I want them. I can just do what I need to do whether it be get a post up or add a photo to my sidebar, and get out.

Built in ECommerce

I love that Squarespace gives you the ability to have a built in store! I don’t sell any physical products at the moment, but I do have an ecourse and do plan to add more digital products to my shop very soon. It makes is so much easier that I don’t have to have a separate plugin or store to sell things.


Speaking of having it all in one place, I’ve merged my blog, my design website and my shop all into one. This is part of my simplification process to make things easier and more streamlined for me and also for any of my readers and clients. Now I’m not jumping from website to website. I can easily post a blog, respond to comments, update my design packages and add a product to my shop without logging in and out of different places.

It Is What It Is

One thing I love, which might be an item to add to the “cons” list rather than the “pros” list for some people, is that Squarespace is what it is and you can’t really add onto it. With WordPress I was constantly looking for new plug ins and ways to improve instead of focusing on my content and my business. I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted searching for the perfect gallery plugin to showcase images. Now I use what squarespace provides (which is great) and don’t have to spend an hour researching.


Since WordPress is a free open source software all updates and maintenance is up to you. With Squarespace I don’t have to make sure the software is updated or do any real maintenance in that sense. Going through all the updates for plug ins and themes was such a time suck for me.

I’d love to hear from you! Where do you blog? Are you happy there or are you thinking about moving?


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  1. Did you have any issues with your domain name transferring over? I’m on WordPress now and am thinking of switching over. Thanks for your input!

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