2019 In Review

What an amazing year! I just wanted to take a few minutes to review some of our highlights from 2019.

January 2019

We started the year out with our first (and last) camping trip of the year. We went to Santa Paula which isn’t too far from us and just spent some time hanging out at the campsite. We even brought the dogs with us as a trial to see how they’d do. It ended up raining a lot that trip, but we had a good time!

Right after getting home one of our dogs, Einstein, got out during a storm that blew open out front door. We would spend the next 16 days looking for him endlessly. It was a rough last half of the month.

February 2019

Luckily we started the month off finding Einstein after a long rescue mission and you can read all about that here.

For most of the month we just went through daily life at home. I did have several weeks of strong, strong health anxiety where I was 100% sure I was about to die and that was so hard. I had never struggled with anxiety before so I spent a good part of the month doing everything I could to get past it. 

March 2019

The highlights in March were the kids birthday (they turned 1 and 4) and our trip with some extended family to Big Bear! We had a ton of fun in the snow and just being locked in a cabin with some of our favorite people for a couple of days. I’m hoping we can do this again this year!

Unfortunately we lost of one of our dogs this month to cancer. We love you Mila!

April 2019

The weather finally started getting warming in April which we were so happy about! We took a trip to Disneyland and spent a lot of time outside this month. Sadly we lost another one of our dogs. Einstein, the dog who we lost and then found was diagnosed with cancer as well and we let him go shortly after. 

May 2019

In May we spent even more time outside and also took a few trips. We went to Vegas for a few days with family and also took a day trip out to the beach. 

June 2019

Most of the month was business as usual. Daily life as a work at home family with two kids. Lots of family time, park days and working. Of course we also celebrated Father’s Day and even visited an aquarium.

July 2019

The 4th of July was spent at home watching fireworks from our balcony and eating ice cream. We also went cherry picking for the first time which was so fun and I’m pretty sure we ate the whole bucket that we picked in less than two days.

August 2019

August was a busy month as we started to prep for the trip we’d be taking soon. We worked really hard this month, but we also visited the fair, had a pool party and went to Disneyland!

September 2019

Our Epic Road Trip started the first day of September and took us from California all the way to Massachusetts where we spent a couple of weeks visiting my aunt. We stopped at so many fun museums, parks and good places to eat along the way. Once in Cape Cod we spent time with family and did a lot of sight seeing, but also a lot of just relaxing. This was one of the best months of my life!

You can find videos from this trip on YouTube.


We spent the first week of October driving back to California from Massachusetts. When we got back it was time to get to work getting out business back up and running so most of our days were simply filled with work. Blaine and I also celebrated our 13 year dating and our 8 year wedding anniversary. And of course we went to Disneyland again.


In November we adopted a puppy! I don’t know how it happened when I said no puppies, but it did. Her name is Oona and she’s a great addition to our family. We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house during a crazy snowstorm. It rarely snows where we live so it’s crazy that it snowed as much as it did. We also visited Gentle Barn for the first time in November and decided to get a membership so we could enjoy visiting with the animals as much as we want.


With Christmas coming up we spent a lot of time prepping for the holidays. We did a daily advent calendar activity with the kids which included things like “hot cocoa picnic in the living room” and movie nights. We spent time with our extended family and celebrated a cozy Christmas Day at home. Somehow the day after Christmas there was another freak snow storm! We rounded out the year with a visit to Vegas and then celebrated New Years Eve with family.  

2019 was such a full year. We loved every minute of it and have so many amazing memories. I hope that 2020 is just as full of love and family! 

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