$50 saved & a veggie pot pie

I avoided spending $50 today. With our move coming up, I’ve TRIED to be more mindful of our budget since we’re going to have some big expenses take place in the next few months. But we are so spoiled with eating out. It’s hard to stop that habit! It’s getting better, but the days when I work a lot I just don’t want to get in the kitchen and cook.

But I held strong at lunch time at Panera when I really wanted some French onion soup, and the app tried to entice me to get a pastry or cookie for $1.50. (One of their Kitchen Sink cookies has 80g of sugar!) Then in an attempt to find a loophole, we invited my mother in law out to dinner (something I’ve been wanting too do anyway) but she wasn’t feeling well.

So I got up from working when all my tasks were done and immediately got to work on the veggie pot pie I had been planning for weeks. Have you ever had that one recipe you keep putting on your meal plan, but for whatever reason, you keep avoiding it? That was this veggie pot pie.

And it turned out to be so easy. I already had some store bought crust sitting in the fridge and it came together nicely. I had my doubts. I used this recipe, but added a ton of spices because it seemed a bit bland. Maybe my vegetable broth wasn’t flavorful enough.

One of my go to recipes for years for a pot pie-like meal is this veggie bean stew with biscuits. My kids tend to receive this one better because, well, biscuits. So I think I’ll stick to that recipe in the future.

Today was a small win in self control and budgeting. Tomorrow is another (self imposed) long work day for me, so I better mentally prepare myself. Or physically prepare something easy tonight so it doesn’t seem so daunting and we don’t end up getting Mexican food down the street instead.

(Note to self: There’s a reason why we keep a couple of boxes of mac & cheese in the pantry. Maybe I should move them to the front.)

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