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Atlas | 6 Months

Dear Atlas,

Happy 6 months, baby boy! I can’t believe how quickly half a year has flown by. At 6 months old, your corrected age is three months. You seem so big to us, but still so tiny at the same time. I look back at pictures from the last 6 months and can hardly believe any of it. There was a time, a time that covered most of my life, where I never believed you would exist. Yet here you are: our perfect miracle baby.

While the days can be hard, especially when you’re having a rough time, loving you is easy. Even when you cry, half the time I laugh at how adorable you are as I do my best to soothe you. Right now you are comforted by walking around and, let’s be real, the thing that will make you the happiest the fastest is nursing. Oh! And car rides, but only if the car is moving. If I need to drive through for coffee at Starbucks I drive around town trying to get you to sleep first because as soon as that car stops for more than fifteen seconds you get so angry. Even at stoplights!

You recently started smiling and I’m greeted with one almost every morning. It’s the best part of my day! One day you’ll forget all the stupid things I do to make you smile, but each silly voice or face is worth it. And, even better, a few days ago we were playing peek-a-boo for the first time and I finally got to hear your laugh. It was the most perfect, joyful noise I’ve ever heard and though you haven’t done it again, I keep on trying!

Our nights are pretty easy so thank you for being such a good boy! We usually only have to wake up twice at night and you usually go right back to sleep when your belly is full. Some nights you happily smile and talk to yourself (loudly) for several minutes before giving in and going back to sleep. Your dad and I sit up in the middle of the night smiling back and laughing at your midnight conversations. I just can’t handle how cute you are.

Today, on your 6 month birthday, you started reaching for toys. That right arm of yours that is always in a fist, sticking straight up in your best superman impression, finally relaxed just enough for you to try and touch any toy I put in front of you. Aside from toys you really love your play gym. If I need to put you down for a few minutes it’s almost always the play gym or your sit me up seat.

I promise to start calling you Atlas soon. You have so, so many nick names and it’s getting out of control! Your names evolve almost daily, but one of my favorites is Cheeks. I think the reason we call you cheeks is pretty obvious. The songs I make up, usually using your various names, are silly but you seem to like them okay. I’m sorry I don’t really know any baby songs, but just know that the songs I sing were made just for you!

Every day you change and grow. My heart swells with love and sinks with the longing for my tiny baby from a few months ago at the same time. You are so loved and I can’t wait to see you grow up!

Love always,


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