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Atlas | 7 Months

Dear Atlas,

Seriously, how are you 7 months old already? You continue to change and grow every single day and part of me is so excited for each new step while the other part is sad to say bye to the “old you”. The past month has been a little bit stressful. In September it turns out you only gained 3oz. I had guessed you were 12 lbs for you 6 month post since it had been a while since we saw your pediatrician, but I was so wrong! You’re now 11.5 pounds and we’re working to get you to gain weight a little more steadily.

A week ago you had your lip tie procedure that is supposed to help you breastfeed better. But because you didn’t gain much and we were giving you bottles of breastmilk to supplement, you started to prefer the bottle. Come on, dude! So now we’re working on getting mom’s milk supply back, fixing your latch, trying to get you back to nursing instead of bottle feeding and so much more. But it’s all worth it to be able to give you the best nutrition out there. Not to mention, the bond we share while breastfeeding is so special to me and I’m just not ready to say goodbye to that yet. I can be a little selfish when what I want is what’s best for you too, right?

Over the last few weeks you have really found your hands and spend a lot of time staring at them and chewing on them. One of your favorite toys at the moment is Mr. Bug which, to be honest, looks like it might be a lady, but we’ll just go with it. He’s usually in your car seat, but I give him to you when we’re out and about or when you’re playing on the floor, too. The bouncer is still your favorite place to hang out (aside from with mom and dad), but you also like the sit me up too.

We went on our first family trip just last week! It was a 6 hour trip each way and you were a pretty good boy and slept most of the time. There were rough parts where we could tell you were just plain tired of being in the car, but we couldn’t have really expected you to be any better.

Your giggles are becoming a bit more regular, though it’s still not an every day occurrence, but you give us dozens of smiles everyday. You’re such a truly happy boy and are good hanging by yourself for a bit. I’m learning to let go of the thought that letting you play alone is neglecting you because I know you need to learn to hang by yourself sometimes, too.

You are just the cutest, sweetest little boy and your dad and I are so in love with you and think you are the most adorable little thing. We can’t wait to see what the next month brings, but at the same time don’t grow too fast! My heart can’t handle it.



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