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Atlas | 8 Months

Dear Atlas,

Please SLOW DOWN. I’m begging! I’m so happy to see you growing and changing. You’re learning new things everyday and becoming more and more playful and active. But, as I think I ask in every monthly update, please chill out a little bit. I feel like even when I do my best to savor each moment, I can’t get enough and you’re going and changing on me again.

Right now you absolutely love jumping in your jumparoo and you are just barely starting to seem a bit clingy with your dad and I. In fact, this evening you kept whining, and even crying, when he would leave the room! The “airplane arms” you would always do when we held you are slowly relaxing as you learn to hold onto us for support and balance. When you were itty bitty you used to want to cuddle with us, but the last few months have been the opposite so I’ll take the millisecond long neck hugs any day!

I’m laughing to myself looking at your list of nicknames. None of them have anything to do with your real name and they just keep evolving as time goes by. One day we’ll start using your name, but for now I don’t think you care either way.

You seem to be sprouting some hair on that bald little head of yours and your eyes keep changing colors so I’m not really sure what you’ll end up with. It doesn’t matter though because you are and will always be ridiculously adorable.

While you have rolled from your belly to your back a handful of times we still don’t have any rolling going on around here which is fine by me. I have been giving you little tastes of food and you seem to really like apples! I can’t wait to see you try more food whenever you’re ready, but for now I’m fine feeding you and rocking you because I know tomorrow I’ll wake up and you’ll be walking and talking.

Your smile is the highlight of my day everyday, little dude. We love you lots!



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  1. Atlas really is cute & I love that you wrote this letter to him. I have been thinking of doing something like that for my son. And then give them to him to read when he is 18 or something like that.

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