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Atlas | 9 months

Dear Atlas,

This is a little late this month because the holidays have been so busy! You had your first Christmas AND your first New Years! You continue to be a happy, healthy, easy-going little boy. We haven’t been able to go on walks lately because it’s been too cold so mommy and daddy recently cleaned out your room a bit and now we get to play on the floor. We were playing downstairs, but between the dogs wanting to love on you (lick your face) and having to put down 5 blankets in fear of you falling over and hitting your head, your carpeted room is a much better option.

One of the most exciting things is that we’re now giving you solids almost daily. You seem to really love brocooli, carrots, and more. You hold them on your own and munch on them while mommy and daddy eat dinner. It’s fun having you be part of meal times. Of course, you’re a total goof and sometimes just let the food hang from your mouth which ┬ámakes us laugh.

Speaking of  making us laugh here are some other things you do that make us crack up:

  • You still talk yourself to sleep. Mostly in the car these days.
  • The yelling game: you yell, mommy yells, repeat. We like to do this while mommy’s hand are full and she can’t hold you.
  • The jumparoo. You are a jumping machine and will jump for 5 or 10 minutes straight. Crazy little guy.

Here’s to 9 months and a new year! We love you, bud.



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