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Atlas | One Year

It’s blowing my mind that Atlas is officially a year old. The last week has been jam packed between my sister coming into town, a day at Disneyland and then his first birthday party at our house. I was so busy at his party I took zero pictures! But I’ve been able to collect a few from friends and family.

Dear Atlas,

Somehow you made it to one year old and I feel like you were a tiny little boy rocking in my arms just a few weeks ago. You’re entering a stage I’ve decided to call “the wiggly stage” because you just can’t stop moving. I can tell you’re going to master crawling any day now. You’ve had backwards crawling down for a few weeks, but in the last day or two you’ve learned to sit up on your own and you are so close!

Your first two teeth popped up about a month ago and you are just obsessed with food. You haven’t really met a meal you haven’t liked, aside from not liking the way noodles feel on your hands. You also love feeding the dogs and watching them eat the food you drop so thanks to you they get to enjoy some time outside when you’re having your meals.

For your birthday we went to Disneyland! Even though I knew you wouldn’t remember it, your Lola insisted on taking us all and who am I to refuse a trip to Disneyland? As usual, you were a good sport about it. Your first ride was It’s a Small World and seeing your face in awe of everything was worth everything to me.

This past weekend we had a party at our house. So many people drove two hours just to celebrate your birthday! You are so loved and supported and you have been since the minute you were born. You have quite the team behind you, little guy.

Here’s to another year, one that I’m sure will be even more fun than the last!

Love you forever,

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