Atlas // Two Months

On the 23rd of May, Atlas turned 2 months old! We like to say 2 months/negative 4 weeks to remind ourselves (and others) that while he’s been in the world for 2 months, we can’t expect him to act like a 2 month old. In a perfect world he’d still be developing in my belly, so anything he can do from breathing to eating to regulating his temperature is beyond impressive!As we’ve gotten to know Atlas, we have just fallen more and more in love with him. He is the sweetest little thing with big, bright eyes that greet us when we visit him in the NICU. He even seems to be able to see us better at this point since when we first starting seeing his eyes a bit more he would kind of roll them around like he had no control, but now he’ll hold his focus on you or another object for a long time and sometimes follow your movement. We’ve had the pleasure of holding him twice a day at this point and I have even begun breastfeeding, but after pumping so he only gets a small amount at a time.

It’s amazing to watch all of this development that should be happening inside me. It’s funny how you beam with pride over the smallest, most simple things that we take for granted like the fact that he can be with no breathing support at all for several minutes or that he’s digesting his food and pooping on his own.

Right now:

  • Weight: 4lb 4oz
  • Length: 16.9″
  • Eating 38ml of milk every 3 hours
  • Breastfeeding 2x a day after mom pumps
  • Wearing clothes for the first time as of a few days ago
  • On high flow nasal cannula at 4 liters and 21% oxygen (room air)

Right now he seems to be right on schedule to come home around his due date which is June 21st. That’s less than a month away and I can’t wait!

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  1. What a sweet baby! You guys are in my thoughts daily and we don’t even know each other. I am so happy that he’s doing so well. He’s starting to look like you guys too. Thank you for sharing part of you life with us. <3

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