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Baby Barker is a GIRL!

During our ultrasound on Wednesday we were shocked to find out that this little baby of ours is a girl! We had all been sure it was a boy and we were so wrong. Honestly, the ultrasound tech had trouble seeing clearly, but did say it is a girl. Blaine is skeptical and thinks that it could change, but I’m taking this girl news and running with it. If it changes later, which I doubt, then it’ll just be a funny twist and I’ll to my best to laugh about it.Now that we know what to expect, we can better plan for what we want to buy and register for. To be honest, neither of us are into overly masculine or feminine stuff so a lot of what we wanted was neutral anyway. But now that we know it’s a girl, we can pick out some semi-girly stuff. We tend to like simple, clean, soft designs and are trying to keep the amount of stuff we bring into the house to a minimum. Babies need a lot less than we’re lead to believe and it’s not hard to jump on Amazon or run to the store if I truly need something. So far here’s what we’re loving…

Alva Cloth Diapers | Pack N Play in Winslet | Eddie Bauer Glider
Elephant Outfit | Delta Manhattan Crib in Grey | Skip Hop Diaper Bag in French Stripe

Our plans change here and there so this might not be exactly what we end up with, but it’s definitely fun to plan!

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