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Bathroom Makeover On A Budget // Paint & Lighting

Ahhh you have no idea how amazing that picture up there is to me. You see, we lived in this house for two years hating the bathroom. I finally got around to fixing it up a bit last year in November. Yes, I said November. I took the photos, but never got around to posting our awesome little make over. It started with the Ikea Spice Rack Storage we put up over a year before we ended up finishing up the bathroom. Let’s take a look…

You know what’s awkward about taking pictures of your small bathroom? Your reflection in the mirror. I post photos of me all the time, but for some reason it bugs me that it’s so hard to find an angle that works. And yes. We totally lived with the bathroom haphazardly painted not all the way up to the ceiling, which was a pale yellow.

Basically when we bought the house it looked like a rainbow exploded all over the entire house. The bathroom wasn’t so bad with it’s pale yellow, except for the fact that the paneling (what is that called?) which is now white, used to be red and black. I don’t even have words. Or pictures unfortunately. So we just said “Mushroom Bisque, I like you” and painted the entire house one color. After several weekends of painting in the heat of August and September with no air conditioning, we got stick of it and never got around to trimming in the bathroom. It’s ok to judge us. I am.

But with a little bit of motivation I headed to Home Depot and eventually, after at least 45 minutes of indecisiveness, I picked this very light blue color that kind of already matched the curtain I had sewn for the bathroom window. And so I painted.

Again with the awkward accidental selfies.

Why does painting always take ten times longer than you thought? Bathrooms have so many edges. It was almost torture. I figured I’d be done in a few hours so Blaine took out the old, tacky light fixture (see before photos) so I could paint before we put in the new one. And then it got dark and I had to stop because, you know, I didn’t have light.

I think I painted for 10 hours that weekend in our tiny bathroom, but look at the results! Literally just paint and a light fixture replacement. Now I LOVE our bathroom and it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house because it’s such a pretty, clean feeling space. And did you peek at the ceiling? White! Not weird beigey yellow.

Because this all happened months ago I don’t have exact figures, but below is an estimate of what this little make over cost us.

2 Gallons of Paint from Home Depot – $60

Light fixture from Goodwill – $15

Total: $75 (give or take a few bucks)

What do you think? It’s amazing how much paint makes a difference, isn’t it?

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