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    Morro Bay and Our Little Surprise

    I’m finally sharing the photos from our Morro Bay trip back in October! Every year we take a week and go somewhere for our anniversary. We decided to stick a little closer to home and spend time relaxing on the beautiful Central California coast. Most of our week was spent exploring the town around our hotel, eating (a lot!) and relaxing in the hotel (aka napping!).Mid-way through the trip I kind of lost my appetite so I spent a lot of time just hanging out and watching Blaine eat. Blaine got his fill of Fish and Chips and I was…

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    Oregon Road Trip // Part 2 – Portland, Bend, Crater Lake & Tahoe

        Day 3: We woke up in beautiful Portland. Did I mention that it was not cloudy at all while we were in Oregon? We totally lucked out. When we woke up we headed straight for the food carts down the street. If you’ve been to Portland, you know what food carts are. We are obsessed and must have fit at least four or five food cart meals into our two days in Portland. Blaine got a breakfast burrito and I got a salad roll with peanut sauce. Our plan for the day was the Tilamook Cheese Factory and…

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    Oregon Road Trip // Part 1 — California Coast & Drive Through Wildlife Safari

      Hey, remember that one time we went on a 9 day road trip and it’s all I talked about up until we left and then… never again? That’s the extreme procrastinator in me! 9 days worth of photos just seemed so overwhelming, so of course I waited long enough to not really remember what we did in what order. I have a horrible memory. I went back and forth about how many pictures to post, if I should split it up into a couple of posts or not and decided to do it in 2-3 parts so I could…

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    Our Two/Seven Year Anniversary

    Since we got married on our 5th dating anniversary, we always celebrate both. Seven years sounds like so much longer than two. Let’s be honest, we want credit for those 5 years before we were married! The past 7 years have been amazing. All relationships have their ups and downs, but I truly believe that when you’re with the person you’re mean to be with it should be easy. Obviously everyday life isn’t “easy”, but what we have together is easy and feels right. Blaine and I met when we were 19 and 20. Moved in together when we were…

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    We’re Back!

    After over a week of driving, gorgeous foliage and a lot of cuddle time, we’re back from our trip. I took over 400 photos and a quarter of them were blurry. Shhh. I’ve got a lot of sorting + missing Oregon (already!) to do so I’ll be sharing all about our trip soon. We had so so much fun. What’s better than a road trip with the person you chose to spend your life with? P.S. This is my favorite photo from our trip. Even though this was our third (fourth?) try at a picture together using the self timer,…

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    My Life in 250 Words

    I love blogging, but time gets away from me and the fact that I spend hours going through/editing photos for posts makes the process take longer than it should. I’m joining the Blog Everyday in May challenge this month & I’m excited to just get back to blogging on the regular! To begin? My life in exactly 250 words. I was born on February 11th, 1987 in Los Angeles. My earlier years were spent chillin’ at the g-ma’s house with half a dozen of my cousins. We moved to Simi Valley, a place I still consider my hometown, when I…

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    A Valentine’s Day Story // How We Met

    From a photoshoot we had done for our 1 year anniversary back in 2007. While reading an article on romantic ways people met the person they married, I was inspired to tell the story of how Blaine and I met. I’m not saying it was hopelessly romantic, but it was obviously an important day for the both of us. And with it being Valentine’s day and all, it’s the perfect time to share. This is from my perspective and I have no idea how Blaine remembers it. I feel like a little background leading up to our meeting would help…

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    We did it!

    We did it, we did it, we did it, hooray! Oh, you don’t watch Dora the Explorer? Sorry. Moving on…On April 10th, 2011 (Blaine’s 25th birthday!) we made an offer on a house. 4 months and 10 days later… 20 weeks and 2 days later… 142 days later… We finally have the keys and it is all ours! Let the madness begin.