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    Mac Life

    It looks like I’ve joined the Mac family! As an early Mother’s Day gift from Atlas (aka my mom) I was lucky enough to get a MacBook Air. I’ve always had PC’s because that’s just what I’ve always had, but also because I thought Mac’s were overpriced and not worth the hype. But I’ve also always secretly wanted one. They are just so sleek and pretty compared to PC’s. So far I’m loving it, but only time will tell if I’m truly an Apple convert or not.I’m still getting to know this new computer, how to navigate and all the…

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    Our Weekend in Photos

    This past weekend weekend was full between yard sales (and the items I WISH I got: bike & vintage toy fridge), music in the park + Subaru summer solstice (car show). Blaine and I have already made a pact to take it easy and hang out at home next weekend. I’m thinking lots of naps and wasting the day away watching Netflix with maybe a bike ride thrown in. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! What did you do this weekend?

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    Oh you’re happy, that’s nice.

    sister + i in mammoth a few years ago. totally unrelated to this post. The confession I’m about to make is something I don’t think I’ve ever admitted out loud. I have this terrible vice and I’m sure people close to me have always known this about me despite my efforts to hide it. I just have the hardest time feeling happy for people. I don’t know if I can call it jealousy because usually it’s not about anything I’m jealous of. I have a happy life, I feel extremely lucky to lead the life I lead, to have the…

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    hello, december.

    I’ll admit it, I started listening to Christmas music two days ago. Shame on me. But now it’s December and we’re allowed, right? Spotify is my absolute favorite for listening to music and I have an ever-growing Christmas playlist. Right now? Mostly N’Sync, Glee, She & Him and Hanson. There is a lot of randomness going on in that little list. We’re going to start decorating this weekend and I’m so excited! It amazed me how many people jumped to it the day after Thanksgiving and had their trees and decor all up right away. We wait a bit because…

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    A new blog, a new design site.

    This new space has been in the making (in my mind) for months and months now. I talk about simplifying a lot when it comes to physical stuff, but I also am attempting to do it virtually and mentally. I whipped up this lovely design in less than two days and I’m in love with it. I wanted to get it done this weekend since I didn’t want to cut into my clients design time during the week.On top of a whole new design and combining my personal blog + design website into one, I have made the big move…

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    I’ve always been indecisive. Give me some choices and I’ll over think it. If I commit to something, it won’t be long before I regret my decision. Keeping with that indecisive personality trait of mine, the blog is moving. I’ve been thinking about moving to WordPress for a long time now and just have never made the jump. I’ve also decided to incorporate my design website and portfolio. The name of the blog will be simple and something that won’t ever change. I hope. I know I’m being vague, but I’ve been working on it for the past few days…

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    The (too early) Christmas section at Target is amazing. I’ll be using this pic as inspiration rather than buying, though. Watching: Right now I’m watching What Not To Wear. But right now some of my favorite shows are Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead and Revolution. I’ve also been watching Nashville regularly since it started. I’m excited to watch the new season of American Horror Story! We forgot to DVR it, but my sister has it on hers at my dads house so one of these days we’ll have to veg out on her bed and catch up. Listening to: I’ve…

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    Fabric to recover pillows on downstairs couch + fabric for my studio curtains. One day I’ll get to it. Sometimes the best part of having a yard sale isn’t the money you make from selling your junk, but the sense of relief you get from donating an entire small SUV full of stuff. Sometimes we get to see my mom when she can sneak away from her two jobs in LA. Like tonight! Even if it’s just to have dinner with the family and go back to work in the morning. Sometimes I try to hide cookies from Blaine in…

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    Guest Post + Random Stuff

    First of all — go check out my guest post over on Danielle’s blog, Sometimes Sweet. I’ve been following her for years and shared one of my favorite meals: Chipotle Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos. If you follow me on Instagram (@aileenbarker), you’ve probably seen them several times. We have them a couple of times a month because they are amazing. Thanks to Dani for letting me guest post on her wonderful blog! And to all of you coming over from Sometimes Sweet: HELLO! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 The rest of this post is sure to be pretty…

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    Happy Weekend // Free Hugs!

    One of my favorite videos on youtube. I remember watching it all the time years ago and I just found it again. Love. Makes my heart happy 🙂 P.S. don’t forget to enter this giveaway! It ends tonight! Like what you just read? You can subscribe to the feed of my posts (also through bloglovin).  Also follow me on twitter for tiny updates into my little life. We’ll be bff’s in no time ♥