Create 29 by 29 Project + Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 28th birthday and I’m stoked (I don’t know that I’ve ever said that) to share a new project that I’ll be starting today through my 29th birthday!
For as long as I can remember I’ve always been “the crafty one”. The one that makes things, whether it’s sewing something or, back in the day, wanting to make a million friendship bracelets. I remember spending all weekend learning how to sew on my new sewing machine and being so excited when I completed a messenger bag that I still, to this day, use for my laptop on occasion. It’s totally not my style or even good craftsmanship, but it’s the first thing I ever got to sew that I was proud of!

But over the last few years life has been the way life is: busy! It’s not going to get any less busy, but I really wanted to dedicate some time over the next year getting back to doing something I truly love: creating. The difference will be that these will be things I’m doing purely because I want to. Not because of a business idea, not to make a profit, not because someone asked me to make them something. I will simply create because I enjoy it, something I’ve been feeling the need to do for a long time now, but have always pushed aside because there were “more important” things to do.

My plan is to complete 29 projects before turning 29. These projects can be huge projects, like building the project table I want for my studio, or small projects, like sewing some cloth wipes for Baby Barker.

Some of the projects I’m planning so far:

  • project table for studio
  • baby book for baby barker
  • cloth wipes for baby barker
  • wire covers for raised garden beds
  • rustic shelves for laundry room
  • art for the walls in our home

I’m brainstorming like crazy and have so many ideas in mind. The thing I’m most excited about is getting that creative spark back. When you spend a year or more only creating for clients, and never for yourself, you can fall into a bit of a rut. I love all my clients and their projects, but I’m so excited to increase my levels of inspiration and creativity!

Wish me luck!

2 Comments on “Create 29 by 29 Project + Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy birthday! What a great idea. So many of my friends lashed out a bit after their 29th (the almost being 30 thing got to a few of them, haha) that I think it’s great to do something productive!

    1. Oh yeah, I need to not focus on feeling old because I’m close to 30. I still have 2 years, but it’s definitely something that I think about randomly and am so surprised about!

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