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Watching a lot of shows. Yikes. Right now I’m obsessed with Hart of Dixie on Netflix. I just finished up the new episodes of The Fosters and Switched at Birth. As for current TV I’m loving Parenthood, American Horror Story and desperately need to catch up on Sons of Anarchy. I also recently saw Gone Girl which I loved and Annabelle which I hid beneath my jacket 90% of the movie.

Reading a couple of books: The Slight Edge and Four of a Kind. I really am loving the Slight Edge and am about half way through it. I’m not far enough into Four of a Kind to have much of an opinion on it, but it was a random pick while I was browsing the aisles at the library a few days ago. I also checked out #Girlboss and am excited to read that as soon as I’ve finished with one of my current reads. I think two books at a time is my limit!

Listening to a few random stations on Spotify which I’m loving. For a while I was just finding my own songs, but I find that eventually I run out of songs to listen to and want something new. I’ve been listening to 90’s radio,

Feeling a little frustrated. Without ranting too much I work a lot of the day and then also do 95% of the cooking and cleaning. Meanwhile my sister and husband hardly pitch in yet get to reap the benefits of all my hard work while I’m overwhelmed and frustrated. I feel like I’m taking care of everyone and it drives me nuts, yet I don’t like to ask for help because I don’t want to nag. I’ve been working on coming to terms with this lately and just doing my best to accept it. It’s easier to do what needs to be done and accept that these things are obviously a personal priority, than get mad that no one else wants to help. I know this is such a normal part of life, feeling like you’re doing everything and everyone else is doing nothing, and I need to get over it. Any tips?

Eating too much Halloween candy! I was able to hold out for a long time, but a few days ago each of us in the house bought one bag of Halloween candy for us all to share. So I’ve been snacking on dumdums and caramel apple pops for the last few days. We don’t get many (any, really) trick or treaters so luckily I don’t have to have a stash.

Thinking about the future all the time lately. When will we be able to move to where we want to be? What is my career as a freelance designer going to look like in a year or to? Are we ever going to have kids or are we going to skip that chapter? We have a lot of plans that I hope come to life soon!

Preparing my ecourse! I’m going to spill the beans: it’s a “How to Sell on Instagram” ecourse. My post on how to sell on instagram is by far one of my most popular and I get a lot of questions on how to do certain things and for my advice. So I’ve been putting together an ecourse that covers every aspect of getting started selling on instagram whether it’s to make a little extra holiday money selling stuff you don’t need or if you want to start a business selling on instagram. I’m so excited for it to launch next week!

Excited for our anniversary trip! It’s about a week and a half away and we’re going to be headed to Morrow Bay for the week. I booked a sweet deal on groupon a few months ago and have been counting down the days ever since!

Loving the cool, fall weather! It seems our local area got the memo because I couldn’t go outside for more than a couple minutes without a jacket today! I guess it’s time for me to retire the flip flops and pull out the real shoes, boots and sweaters.

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