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Side note: this was supposed to post on Wednesday but my mommy brain forgot to schedule it. So two posts today it is!

I like to check in and do fun little posts here and there. I’m in the midst of a whirlwind of a fussy baby, doctors appointments galore and attempting to get back into some sort of routine. I’m itching to get back to actual work, not just prepping to get back to work, if that makes sense. But I don’t want to go back until I know I’ll be able to focus on my clients and give them as much value as possible.

Embracing motherhood and everything that comes along with it. Most days are easier, in a way, that I expected but then there are some days that are exactly as hard as I expected which is, at the same time, so much harder in real life. None of that makes sense reading it back, but it’s the only way to explain it.

Thankful for Blaine. I know that (unfortunately) it’s common for dads to be less involved with their children. Lucky for me I have Blaine and I don’t know how I’d survive without him. We are 50/50 partners in this life. Sure, I get up with the baby more at night because he has to work the next day, but those nights where I’m on the verge of tears he’s up and taking Atlas from me so I can get a few hours of sleep and chill out. This past weekend he was pretty much on full time daddy duty, even though I was around too, so that I could get work done. Thankful doesn’t begin to describe it.

Watching so much netflix. Right now I’m watching Mistresses from the beginning. Blaine and I are in the middle of catching up on Glee. We recently finished watching Melissa and Joey (don’t judge) and I occasionally throw in an episode or two of Parenthood because I miss that homey, cozy Braverman family. Did I mention that I need constant noise in the house because Atlas can’t sleep in silence so I’m watching way more TV when I want to.

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed, but also feeling like this is exactly what my daily life is supposed to be. Happy to be home despite the hardships.

Missing my dad. So much. I don’t know if I mentioned it on here, but he passed away in July. We were extremely close and I still find it hard to wrap my head around. I’ll eventually get around to doing a proper post about him, but I don’t know that I’m ready quite yet.

Looking forward to getting back to work! I know I touched on it earlier in the post, but I just want to work. I have very specific plans laid out and I’m excited to get it implemented.

Eating a little better than I was when we were living at the hospital, but still not that great. Cooking is tough when it’s hot in the house and you have a baby attached to you 80% of the day. But we did our first grocery trip since we’ve been home and most of what we bought was produce. I’ve just been craving veggies and a cleaner diet.

Planning a few trips in the near future for a friends wedding and then our anniversary in October. Since Blaine took so much time off work when Atlas was born we need to make our trips pretty short. Instead of taking our usual week long anniversary trip I’m thinking we’ll do a Thursday – Sunday or Saturday – Tuesday type of thing. I’m still deciding if we’ll take Atlas or leave him with one of the grandparents. Lots of planning to do!

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