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Father’s Day


You have proved yourself as a father within second of our son being born. You saved his life and I can never repay you for that. Seeing you become a father and get more and more comfortable around Atlas makes my heart swell with joy. He is such a precious little boy and watching¬†you two together is something I could do all day. I’m excited to watch you get to be a dad to our son as he grows and you teach him all about all the fun things you’ll do together whether it’s dirt bikes, sports or musicals (I can wish, right?). Happy First Father’s Day, my love, you’re already doing great.


Never in a million years would I have guessed we would be where we are now. You have been the best dad I could ever ask for. All the camping trips, concerts and beach vacations were all because of your love of fun and experiencing it with your family. Without you I wouldn’t love nature or animals as much as I do. You have always been my rock when it comes to political, moral or religious beliefs and have always stood behind me when I needed you to. When I became a vegetarian you told me I’d last two weeks. When I ended up lasting much longer than that you added the best grilled veggies to your weekly BBQ sessions so I’d have something delicious to eat too.

The last few months have been crazy. When Atlas was born you and mom rushed from your vacation over 200 miles away¬†to be by our side. You guys have spent hours driving back and forth to visit our son and make sure that Blaine and I are ok and well fed, too. Now you’re fighting for your life and the odds are against you. It’s breaking my heart. I’ll be here for you, just like you always have been for me, along side you, no matter what happens. I hope that this isn’t our last Father’s Day together, but if it is: I love you and I appreciate you more than I can put into words. Congrats on your first Father’s Day as a grandpa! You know what they say: the best dads get promoted to grandpa and that couldn’t be more true.

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