February Goals & Weekly Wishes No. 16

With each passing month I just am reminded more and more that I’m not going to be any less pregnant anytime soon and when I am done being pregnant I’ll have a baby to care for! Talk about pressure to get my life, house and business in order. Sheesh! Below I’m sharing some goals for February as well as smaller goals for the coming week.


  1. Get the house back in order. This is my number one priority. I’m not feeling sick all day anymore so I want to spend February cleaning our and organizing the garage so we can make a little corner of it into almost sort of a storage unit for my parents things. I want my house back!
  2. Paint our new bedroom & move in. As soon as we can get our roommate to move out we’re moving into his room, which is bigger than ours, and my parents are taking our room since they’re only around a couple days a month. We’ll need the bigger room since we’re planning on sharing with baby for at least the first six months when she comes in June.
  3. Launch my Design Shop. I’m planning to offer prints, wordpress and blogger templates, premade design elements and more! I just want to get it designed and add a few more premades to it before officially launching.
  4. Work on turning this blog into more of a business. This isn’t quite that actionable since it’s so vague, but I want to sit down and come up with a plan for this blog. I’ve been blogging for over five years now and I’m just now really starting to think of turning it into more of a business. I want to have a clear direction and to start growing, marketing and monetizing. It’ll still be very similar peeks into my life along with blog and business advice, but I want to make it function more efficiently and clearly.
  5. Taxes! Last year we filed late because it was my first year with a semi-complicated return since I had a couple of businesses. This year should be easier and I want to get it done in February.


  1. February Editorial Calendar. DONE!
  2. Get a week ahead in blog posts. Not done. Boo.
  3. Begin sorting/organizing. Kind of!
  4. Have a yard sale (weather permitting). Yes! We sold quite a bit. It made a dent in the extra clutter we have around the house, but I still want to pull my hair out looking at my surroundings. We’ll get there.


  1. Wrap up current design projects. I have a couple that are just about done and I’m hoping to work through and get them finished for my clients by the end of the week so I can focus on my February goals and finding more clients to book through May since I’m planning on taking June and July off from custom work. If you’re looking for a designer check out my design website and let’s talk! I’m currently booking February-April with a plan to be done with all design projects by the end of May.
  2. Get outside and walk at least 4 days this week. I really need to start walking. It’s my pregnancy fitness goal to walk almost everyday, but I’ve just been so lazy and I hate walking around my neighborhood because there are so many hills and we live on a busier street with no sidewalk a lot of cars.

Not too many goals for this week since I’m going to focus a lot on design work and beginning to get my house back. What do you hope to accomplish this week?


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