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Foster Pupdate // Venice is 10 weeks + bonus

venice venice2 venice3 venice4 venice5 venice6 venice7Baby Venice is now 10 weeks old! I just can’t believe I’ve had her since she was 5 days old. She’s still so tiny and that’s what everyone says when they see her, but she’s also so BIG to me. The last update I did was for four/five weeks old, right after the third puppy (Malibu) passed away. Luckily, Venice has pushed through for the last five weeks and has surprised us all! Even the vet mentioned he was surprised she had made it this far and she was doing this well when I took her in for her shots at 8 weeks. However, because she is so tiny and he didn’t want to set her back he requested we wait until 12 weeks to do her first set of shots and that we keep her in foster care until 4 months so that we could have a better idea of her condition

Venice has hydrocephalus aka “water on the brain” which means she has excess fluid in her skull putting pressure on her brain. Unfortuantely, most puppies die as puppies and the ones that do survive only live for a couple of years. It still makes me tear up thinking about the short, hard life this little girl is going to have, but she is such a happy, loving little girl. If I could keep her, I would do it in an absolute heartbeat. I keep reminding myself that it’s always hard to let them go, but when you meet their new family it’s always a huge relief and you let them go with a happy heart.

Her teeth started coming in around 8 weeks old and are still slowly making their way in. One of the effects of hydrocephalus is slow development so I’m not too worried about it. She eats hard food like a champ, barks her little face off when I’m in the kitchen thinking I’m going to feed her and comes when called no matter where in the house she’s exploring she will run as fast as her tiny, adorable feet can carry her. She also was part of a photoshoot for Rescue Me magazine, what a lucky girl!

Venice will be with us for probably another 6 weeks before she goes to her new home and I’m definitely going to savor it! She’s the biggest sweetheart ever and, quite honestly, the closest thing I’ve ever had to a baby of my own. Cue the tears!

Bonus Pupdates: Belle & Mike

belle-bella mac-mike

The rescue had an appreciation lunch and, do you remember these silly faces? Belle and Mike (from the brady bunch litter) were there and I didn’t even recognize Belle (now Bella) at first. Seeing them as big, teenaged puppies made my whole week. There is no better feeling knowing that you helped a dog find the family they were meant to be with.

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