Free Summer Art Print + Link Love + ECourse Sale

I know we’re a bit into summer at this point, but I couldn’t resist creating a bright and fun art print for summer. It’s available to print as an 8×10 or a 5×7. Just submit your email address below to join my email list where I share about blogging, business and living a simple and natural lifestyle and you will get a link to download the print upon clicking submit.

I love designing fun printable, graphics, etc. Would you like to see a free printable/graphic/etc. each Friday? Please comment below if so!

And now some of my favorite links from the last few weeks.

How about a nice long list of apps for entrepreneurs? I love Wanderlust, but haven’t tried any of the others!

A list of habits of people who never clean their homes. YES PLEASE. Keeping this handy for when we get to go home with Atlas one of these days.

I think Atlas needs this adorable onesie.

Thinking of getting this rocker if Atlas decides he’s got to be rocked to sleep like he has been for the last three months in the NICU. Or maybe this one.

8 things everyone should do before 8am. Seems a little much before 8am, but I think it’s doable in the general morning-time.

I love Kyla’s guide on pricing your work. Plus there’s a super helpful workbook, too. Check it out.

Brand Design vs Web Design vs Web Development. Learn the differences, please and thank you!

And if you love a good font like I do (I totally admit to being a font snob) then you’ll love this list of font resources.

P.S. I was originally only going to have my How to Sell on Instagram Ecourse on sale through July 6th, but because I forgot to mention it on the blog I’m extending it until July 15th. GRAB IT FOR JUST $6!


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